Every year, every fall, there's a party in the Shire. Starting at the Party Tree, dozens of kite-friends are coming together to celebrate their little flying companions. But that's not enough! After walking through Hobbiton, the evening ends with dancing & laughing at Methel-stage. Free entry, fireworks allowed (and appreciated ). The only thing you need to take with you is some party mood – maybe some beer too.

Interested in coming around? Here are the most important information for you:

Server: Gwaihir
WHEN: Friday, October 25th, 7.30 PM (CEST) // 1.30 PM (Servertime)
START: Party Tree
ROUTE: Party Tree – Bywater Bridge – (Hobbiton - Bywater) – Methel-stage (with using slow-walking mode, about 6-7 minutes)

(I'll already be there at about ~7 PM CEST, All services like summoning via captain, changing dynamic layers - if necessary – will be available from about 7.10 PM CEST on. Please take note that the start of our walk could be delayed by about 10-15 minutes, depending on how many players text me that they're on the way. Nevertheless, please try to be punctual.
All further information will be announced in „World“, „Regional“ ( = Shire) as well as „Say“ - channels. Please keep an eye on these ones. In case of any upcoming questions, you can contact 'Nimaraen' ingame)