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    Raging Raiders Recruitment

    We are back from a 1+ year hiatus for the new upcoming expansion, and while we have our strong raiding core back also, we are looking to expand our ranks just a little bit further.

    Raging Raiders is an end-game raiding kin that is currently looking to fill its roster with capable players, which have a knack for raiding and play their class at the absolute top-level.

    Our Raiding accomplishments:

    What we look for in players:

    • How confident and knowledgeable they are at the classes they play. As the game has been around for a long time, we look for players that play their class at the top level.
    • Current and past raiding experience.
    • Polite and friendly to not only their kin members, but in general also.
    • Coming to the raid/groups prepared with buffs and boosts.
    • Being flexible with different specs and roles if asked upon by the leader.
    • Ability to listen and talk in raids, or being really good in typing if you cannot talk.
    • Complete Primary LIs and Important Virtues on Raiding Mains and Alts.
    • Willingness to participate in other types of content, such as PvP, although not compulsory.

    What we offer:

    • A friendly group of players that have remained good friends for years.
    • A relaxed raiding environment which don't have heated arguments or naming/shaming/blaming.
    • Competitive raiding and PvP.
    • EU prime time hours for those who cannot raid at US hours.

    About us:

    • Our player-base is mostly active during the European hours, which are between 10AM to 6PM Server time.
    • We use Discord for voice communication. Every member is encouraged to stay logged in there while playing.
    • We use a kin website to manage our raiding calendar.
    • We currently do not use a looting system, loot is free for all, auto-distributed by game.
    • Our raiding times are from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM Server Time, and official days are Thursday, Friday & Saturday.
    • We tolerate no drama/aggression, so we appreciate it if people will remain civil at all times. However, things can get heated from time to time and we encourage people to sort it out amongst themselves privately and not drag others into it. People will be booted without warning if they cause problems between each other or portray a bad image of the kin.

    Classes in Demand:

    1. Beorning
    2. Minstrel

    *We currently do not have room for other classes, but if you feel you can fit in greatly with us and have a good amount of geared Alts, please don't hesitate to contact.

    ** We are also currently not officially raiding any past or current content (U23/24) since it will obsolete in a month, but might do so in the future if there is need. Couple of our members organize runs for current content, you are welcome to join them or PUG. We will start kin runs when the new update hits, till then we are just simply getting ready for the new content.

    In order to join the kin, please fill out the application form on our Website, and we will get in touch with you. You can also contact me and Wulfdur in game. Our character names are:

    Wulfdur / Barage / Firasion / Barashor / Loshelin || Araphorn / Aragod / Aratur / Arazhorn / Araquen

    Raging Raiders' Original Challengers Video:

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    We have managed to get our roster up to 24+ active raiders, and as of today recruitment is closed until further notice for all classes, except a Main Beorning and a Main Burglar. Thanks to all those that took the time to apply to us, and joined.

    EDIT: Main Burglar spot filled.
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