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    Note right now Beta is Patching
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    Not to be a spoil sport regarding your rage @Mitrhil Wielder, but Beta is OPEN testing that is accessible to everyone. So your whole rant about "privileged players" is pointless which kind of collapses your whole argument. (On a side note that will probably get me into the line of fire: When Glimmerdeep was released we did it with 115 gear so there really isn't any reason to go with the whole "no kills for normal people without exploited gear blame the raiders who have put a lot of work into BIS gear" argument, either.)

    Also: Beta is certainly additional testing, but not the only way of quality assurance SSG applies to content before release. Do you really imagine that devs just blindly throw stuff out for release without looking at it on an internal level? Would you release a book preview before doing your on spell check? Would you put a new dish on your restaurant's menu without trying it yourself? Beta will give a lot of input on bugs, etc. But before that even happens, SSG's inhouse staff will have corrected countless issues themselves. So yeah, a little more Beta time would probably nice, but it is not like SSG is completely screwed without an extended duration of Beta. (Just a little reality check - everyone determine for yourselves if you needed it.)
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    Confirmation for BR1 this week

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    I am also patching now. That said, I am on Landroval and I am not seeing the transfer button, using the live client. I am going to see if the beta client allows copies.

    PS. This is a big patch for me. More than 3000 patches to apply.

    Update: Now I see the transfer button on the live client.
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