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    What progression level are we at?

    Been a while since I have been here. Wandering through Moria it hit me that I didn't know what the current progression status is for the legendary servers. And... I haven't found a listing anywhere. You would think that the WIKI would have Moria -- Opened 1/2/3 -- or that there would be a similar statement on the LOTRO web site -- or a sticky post here... So, what are the current level/map restrictions on the legendary servers?

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    75 is the new cap.
    We got the RoI content + Great River.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Laurelinarien View Post
    75 is the new cap.
    We got the RoI content + Great River.
    Well, I've done some more digging and at least was able to put together some information.
    I now have a better idea of what happened while I was not playing,
    some reminders about why I did take vacations from the game.

    I find it amazing how little I have found about the Legendary Services. I'll dig more next week.

    You can see what I have so far at this link:


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    Level cap is definitely 75. Updates came out a bit faster than the original schedule, but we're promised no more updates until 2020. That gives me time to *get* to level cap, so I'm pretty excited.
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