Are you on a quest of sorts? Looking for something that you seem to have lost?

No, we are not talking about some sort of elvish ring or a Dark Lord (although we have seen our fair share of things like this). This is an invitation for returning or new players who are looking for a kinship. Some kinships are nasty, dirty, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, or worse yet: dry, bare, with nothing in them at all. Our offer is more in keeping with a hobbit-hole, and that means comfort.

The Covenant of Blades is a tenured (read: old), casual kinship on the Landroval server where membership has its privileges. No drama, no pressure, lots to do, and lots of laughs. We have a core group of invested, interested, and knowledgeable players who are looking for a few more to join us.

Take a minute to check out our web page:

If you like what you see, then maybe you have found what you seek: a hobbit-hole you can call home, with plenty of space to sit and eat (or even accommodate a dozen or more unruly dwarves). Drop a line in-game to Dramborn, Hulna, or Erynwe, and tell them Gandalf sent you.