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    Chicken dps nerf

    Ok; have not been playing much lately -- did try several months of the legendary when it came out but it didn't take. Recently trying to play now and then, and decided on a chicken tour to Moria as used to enjoy hunting down cave crickets/snakes on way to 21st hall or down to the shard. Well, that was when the chicken did a good 5-8 damage with every 'peck'. Now it's 1-2 damage at best, with my results anyway. SSG, why nerf chicken dps?? Really, I mean I can see nerfing all of Moria as that's the way things are now, you buy a convertible sports car and 2 weeks after you get home and before you've even finished paying for it, it's turned into a hard-top Rambler American with 15 inch steel wheels rather than the wire ones, with hubcaps that come off every time you turn a bit too sharply. It's the way of things now; so I get that Moria which used to be a major hub and the other day it was just me and 2 other players in the 21st hall, that and a bunch of crickets my bird could no longer kill before they ran off.
    Content is killed, and when a person goes out of their way to create some harmless content of their own, you kill that too? Is there that much $$ in large-scale commercial passive-aggressive application? Is there a way we can get in on the plus side of that also?
    Seriously though, why nerf a chicken?

    I don't want the whole post negative. To get to Moria this time, took the Northern High Pass rather than the Ford, and went south to Lothlorien past the Gladden Fields. Was very pretty and well done. Kudos. Took a few more chickens to the Lonely Mountain and enjoyed it much; the red-rock reminded me of New Mexico. It's true that it is an easy and short run, barely 2/3rds the time it takes to do Minas Tirith, which goes much quicker than Crosser... I think Crosser should get more Zeal than Minas, but maybe title is enough for some. I do know that Minas through the Beacon Hills is an easy run, just longer than Wings, but not really any harder. Regardless, the art and terrain is great, thanks for that, makes for real nice sight-seeing.

    Well, that's it, just want to know the subject point; have already come to terms with the 'abandoned Walls of Moria mall' edition I paid good money for.
    "We knew that land once, you and I"
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    So, just in case, the chicken upgrades we feel we deserve.

    The Legendary Beak, with four slots for Seed, Grass Stem, Insect and Crop Grit with various buffs to mitigations, incoming healing, Evade and finesse
    Left and right leg rings with speed buffs, bob and weave cooldown and morale
    Legendary Fighting Spurs, legacise to include damage, bleed DoT andthreat generation

    Mithithil Ithryndi

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    Being able to group up and chat would be great, not sure I could take too much RP though. Have always wanted to do a chicken raid but ofc that has it's hazards as you are linked for aggro and can be griefed. A linx prowler might take one of two but the potential to wipe a raid.

    Next time there's some chicken love maybe a Radagast raid; he'll be there doing the healing and rezzing and we can have at 'em.
    Radagast the Brown heals you with Keep Your ###### Up for 102 morale.

    Edit: Oops. That phrase means "encouraging them to be cheerful" in the UK so would be ideal in this setting.
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