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    Tier 7 Minstrel Essence of the War Councillor is Broken

    The Passive 10% OH Effect Modifier does not work at all on this essence. The 10% is not reflected in the stat window (it is w/the BB set AND T3 Anvil set), on skill tooltips, or in healing output.

    Call to War skills DO trigger this, seemingly at a 5% rate. However, it is supposed to proc a 20% healing increase for 10 seconds, not a 10% increase.

    There are other items like that have the exact same language that do increase your OH tooltip.

    The captain essence also has the exact same language; and it works as you'd expect. It has a passive 10% OH along with a proc-able 20% OH - THIS is how the essence SHOULD work.

    After spending a large amount of time getting the rep for the barter, then even more time getting the trade items, this is supremely disappointing. As it stands now, the essence is totally bogus. The only skill that WILL proc the 10% OH while you are healing in combat is Call of 2nd Age, which you simply would not ever use while healing at all -since it is a DPS skill. This essence is entirely useless; and its description prompts people to waste time to get it - only to be disappointed when they do.
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