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    The Depths of Kidzul-Kalah Help

    Hi there,
    So we were working on the 6 man instance today and couldn't figure out how to beat the final boss fight (3rd time you fight it). Do you just focus solely on DPSing the main boss or do the tentacles need to die? How does the poison work; is the poison skill interruptable? Do you have to remove corruptions? Died too fast for me to get a good look at the boss morale bar to see what buffs it has as well. Hoping for some guidance so we can get it next time
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    There is a few good videos on youtube right now, take a look at them.

    If you got tentacles to spawn at the end boss you are starting what i would call "The challenge mode" This happens when you only kill 1 tentacle at each phase (the big biting one)
    If you kill at least 1 other tentacle in the phase (either on phase 1 or 2) you don't get extra tentacles.

    I will list some crucial points:

    30sec - Drakelings starts to spawn, CC them or let the tank pick em up
    1min - The first big AoE attack that leaves puddles. At this point you should be aware of where you are standing. Find a good location to place a puddle, but try not to place 2 puddles directly on top of each others as they do huge initial and a slick dot.
    At this point dark-maws that stuns random targets start to spawn in. Interrupt them and mez them for the duration of the fight
    2min - Next big AoE attack comes that also leaves puddles. Try to position yourself so you place puddles, but still have extra space to stand after puddle is out
    3min - I guess a new AoE attack will come at this point, but we have killed the boss within the 3 minute timer (2.18 first time and 2.40 ish second time)

    Best of luck
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