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    The New Pig Pen!

    It is charming, and I love that sometimes the "use" summons a chicken instead of the third pig. BUT ...

    I have tried it inside one of my houses (Special Furniture). I have tried it in the indoor garden of one of my houses (Large Yard). I have tried it outdoors in my yard (Large Yard).

    And the pigs escape the fence. Or stand on the fence, floating in midair. Or lay down, and slide across the pen.

    So, my dear housing devs, may we please let me preview these housing items before launch? It would be quite simple. I need a bare house, and all of the housing items that are due to be released about two weeks before debut. I'll put them through their paces, make notes on any unusual or odd behavior or appearance, and send off the notes within a few days. In plenty of time to either fix the snafu, or pull the item from launch. No biggie.

    And I am free. Think of it as a community service position.

    At your service,

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    More constructive, and less self indulgent, would be to post some screenies for all to see.

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    Where do you get this item?
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    Thumbs up

    To the Op, there is a prety neat fan made website that dedicate to post screenshoot of all housing, Du Milew (cant recall how it is spelled so sory). Maybe they already added 1 of this new pigs pen.

    To the devs, thanks for adding this long waited house decoration. I love that it is animated instead static & with on use effect. I trust you will figure out how to correct the bug if there is any. Im inclined to think that the run away pigs are a mischievous pigs whimsical feature instead a bug.

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    I love the pig pen, quirks and all! Anytime housing is given some love I am excited. I am sure the SSG team has more important things to concern themselves with then whether or not the pigs have escaped their enclosure.

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    [QUOTE=YamydeAragon;7952716]To the Op, there is a pretty neat fan made website that dedicate to post screenshoot of all housing, Du Milew (cant recall how it is spelled so sory). Maybe they already added 1 of this new pigs pen.

    Well ... if I'm not mistaken, "La Terre du Milieu" is French for "Middle-earth." I tried googling that and got a whole lot of sites, so many that I can't tell which is specfically connected with the game, as distinguished from the books, Tolkien's work in general, the films, and what not ....

    But if you try googling that and search patiently, maybe you can find the site you want and post the link.
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