1. Melee only scion
These are very tedious, especially at 3-man instances. If a big mob is this scion and we are not running a melee dps, the way we deal with this is i just relog to my champion, kill the mob, then log back. This isn't hard, it's just... stupid.

Possible solutions:
- Reduce the incoming damage reduction from 100% to 90%.
- Remove from 3-man instances.

2. Healer scion
I think the healer is a bit too potent, but all in all, it works. However, since they heal mobs pretty much instantly, for future instances you have to keep in mind that if you add these to any bosses that have an enrage mechanic in a way they can't be controlled, you make the boss pretty much just luck based.

3. Anti-heal scion
This one works without any problems.

4. Fire scion
Damage seems quite low, otherwise works.

5. Run speed scion
This one is a wildcard, often it can be ignored completely, but in certain moments like 3rd boss thikil gundu or last boss caverns, it's can be flat out game breaking. It also seems to slow mobs, not just players.

Possible solutions:
- Nerf the run speed debuff, but add an attack duration and induction debuff.

6. Reflect bleed scion
This one works.

7. Tank scion
Paired with another scion (especially healer or another tank), they can be quite tedious to go through, especially in 3-man instances, since the radius is quite large for scions and in 3-man instances you rarely have more than one tank for tanking, so the only option is blasting through the heal or the 90% damage reduction, or kiting and ccing one of the scions. This scion also makes certain trashpulls/bosses especially tiresome and tedious, and "setting incoming damage to 10%" is potentially breaking mechanics, like allowing you to damage through -100% incoming damage.

8. Stealth scion
Funny. But stupid. Makes most pulls easier since a mob isn't joining the fight with the others, when you see a mob is missing, it must be a stealth scion.

Possible solutions:
- Make the mob attack people from stealth as the pull starts.
- Remove these.

All in all, many of the scions work... but the way they're implemented, makes instances sometimes easy, sometimes very tedious, but rarely hard. Rng is almost never a good way of designing mechanics, as you need many rules to control how they are spawned. To make the scion system work properly, you essentially have two options: place the scions by hand, or carefully analyze how each fight in an instance works and make spawning rules or mechanic changes to the scion system that make sure nothing is ever game breaking and the difficulty isn't too uneven.