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    Crafting at higher levels


    I've played back at release then a bit in 2011. Back when there were half the crafting tiers and the currencies than there are now.

    My main in currently 49, an Armorer, and I have 3 crafting alts, to cover all professions. I do not craft to get rich but because it is fun, to equip myself, and that OCD that won't let me pass by a harvesting without trying to harvest it and then use it on something.

    I've been reading up on the game whenever I could, and found out that the game now has Legendary Items. And of course tons of high level items and avenues to obtain it with all the reward/currency/whatever vendors that I am seeing. At my current tier, at 49 I still have most of the critted crafted armor, the longsword and the shield that I started with at 42 with. The upgrades that I have received in the field were very marginal, I don't think i'd have noticed the few percent extra. I've checked the skirmish vendors (the only fancy currency that I have) and the level 47 stuff is still worse than the westerness gear I had made myself for my early fourties.

    But when you grow to use Legendaries and all the other gear, is crafting still useful? I mean if I can't even equip myself in useful gear, what's the point?

    And, in order to make gear that competes with the dropped/rewarded stuff, does one need exclusively raid drop mat? I haven't looked too far into raiding now, but if it's a 24-people raid, with a super-rare ingedient with old-school WoW DKP and whatnot, then I guess I won't have enough patience for that either.


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    Guild recipes. Always max your Guild Rep, in most cases' crafter character level does not matter (some Guild Recipes are Bind on Acquire, not many). The max level for Guild Rep is Westemnet. After Westemnet, decent armour can be had via barter.

    In my opinion Galtrev is the best crafting center, bank, auctioneer, guilds, crafting facilities, skirmish camp, stable, etc. Everything needed to craft are all very close to each other. So when, you make Galtrev always maintain a travel skill to it.

    At 49, you can get your first LI, outside Moria in Eregion, LIs drop from most humanoid mobs. How to get your first LI. Legendary Items, which ones does my class get?

    I could answer your question(s) on raiding; but since I do not raid in LOTRO, I'll leave that question to a raider

    Welcome back to LOTRO.
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    Thank you for the response. But I am not sure you have answered the question. I am not wondering how to get the best gear, but if later crafted gear can compete with other gear. I know about crafting guild rep and that's how I got gear that lasted me through my 40's. But are these critted guilded recipes better than Legendary or bartered gear later on?

    On the one hand, I like the prospect of being able to outfit myself in competitive gear. On the other, leveling the Legendary stuff sounds fun as well .

    But it seems that only weapons are Legendary, aren't they? So I can ditch the weaponsmith for Legendaries, and still keep crafting the remaining gear? (until the next expansion ).

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    Crafting is pretty much consistent up to Westemnet - the old system. Many of us are unhappy with the later tiers due to variety of reasons.

    But it's still relevant, you can gear yourself although quest/barter items are plenty and sufficient. The current set of recipes that require raid drops is a bit unusual
    and not something you see at every tier. You can make consumables, food and scrolls are always useful.

    You can make weapons and legendaries - I usually answer a request for crafting a 1st ager every week or so.
    It's practical to be able to make those but unless one is leveling slowly/tortoise stone, crafted Li is something for lvl 100 and up. There are still non-legendary offhands to be made, swords, clubs etc.

    For example - my main is a 120 lvl champ and has crafted Lis, sword, bow, pocket item, trousers, uses lots of horns, battle scrolls, food, coffee for speed, pots for healing. I have all professions maxed out and am quite happy about it.
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    If you enjoy it keep going with it. It gets a bit hit and miss later on. You might have times when you can make one or two pieces of armour and the rest are found as quest rewards or barter items, so none of the making a full suit of armour. A jeweller might get one cyan necklace recipe the rest purples. Next time around the recipe might be a ring that's an improvement. Too often you get a good recipe and soon after the item is superseded by something else in game.

    You've spent possibly years in the same suit of armour, times have changed in the later game, raid amour can last a while but it's a constant turnover of gear with micro releases making what you have just crafted or bartered or quested for become second best. It'll be much the same just a little higher Item Level and the stats marginally better. We want it though, just means we recent SSG just a little more each time. Then you'll come across coffer gear that can have varying item Levels when you take an item but with such a remote chance of getting the best possible Item Level that 99% of the time your are the looser. Oh the joy!

    Stick with it for the times there something very useful to make...
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    Quote Originally Posted by kudurru1 View Post
    For example - my main is a 120 lvl champ and has crafted Lis, sword, bow, pocket item, trousers, uses lots of horns, battle scrolls, food, coffee for speed, pots for healing. I have all professions maxed out and am quite happy about it.
    That's the answer I was looking for .

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    As said, up to Westemnet it is pretty good, though more and more good recipes are locked behind either reputation/bartered recipes or guild standing.
    Anorien tier is meh, just essense holders.
    Doomfold tier, pretty much everyhing requires lvl115 AND all recipes require high rep. Practically when you can actually craft it and wear it, you are minutes away from much better stuff in Iron hills/Ered Mithrin.
    Ironfold tier is the most hare-brained of them all. About only thing that makes sense to make are essences and consumables. Even most basic armor/jewelry requies rare shards and dailies-rewards items. Sure, a few recipes are there that require raid dropped components, but those with access to those components typically have access to better gear as well.

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    You know, I completely forgot to mention essences. Still in denial about Tier 4.

    OP, if you enjoy crafting, continue. Even when it stops being that enjoyable at higher levels, it's still practical to have a maxed out crafter or two.
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    Good info above. Here's a few more tidbits....

    - You'll only use three LIs. You can use one weapon and one class item once you've completed the epic to enter Moria. Later, at 75, you'll get a bridle for your War Steed. You also have a few slots for growing LIs in order to decon them for IXP runes and relics. You might not be able to craft your own LIs. For example, if you are a Hunter / Explorer, then you cannot craft a bow/xbow or a melee weapon LI, but you will be able to make your own war steed bridles at 75+. LIs drop in loot from level 51+ humanoids. By level 55 you'll be tired of throwing out all the useless ones.

    - As noted above, routine crafting kinda comes to a halt after level 100. At 100 you can wear crafted Anorien (tier 10) armor and jewelry which can all hold essences. You can fill up with adequate essences to slot in this stuff from the skirmish camp. Not the best at level 100 by any means, but good enough and dirt cheap.
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    As other people have pointed out, crafting follows a predictable pattern up to level 95 - 100, which is the Westemnet crafting tier. There is an odd patch for the Westfold tier (level 65 - 75) in terms of recipes (there is one set of recipes spread across multiple exp levels instead of a full set of recipes every 3 or so exp levels). The crafting guilds stop at level 100, there are no new guild recipes above that level.

    After level 100, most of the gear is either quest reward or barter. There is crafted gear but for a lot of the gear it's more convenient to barter than craft.

    At high level the main items that you will be able to craft that will be useful no matter what your class is are crafted food (cook), crafted potions and combat scrolls (scholar), crafted legendary relics and crafted essences (different crafts make different relics/essences).

    Legendary relics are items you slot onto a legendary item that buff the legendary item's stats, in a similar manner as slotting armour or jewellery onto a character. To start using legendary items, start the Volume 2 Book 1 epic quest chain at Echad Dunann in Eregion (southeast corner of Eregion). This quest chain can be started at level 45 and acts as a tutorial on how legendary items work. Completing Vol 2 Book 1 unlocks access to Moria.

    Essences are a bit similar to legendary relics, they are items that buff your stats. Starting at around level 50, landscape mobs have a small chance of dropping essences and gear with slots that the essences can be attached to. In Western Gondor (level 100 zone) you will start receiving armour with essence slots as quest rewards, some essences as quest rewards and you can barter for better gear with essence slots and better essences.

    From level 100 and onwards, crafting is much less consistent in terms of what recipes are available, level gaps between sets of recipes, how to get the recipes, materials required by the recipes, etc. The entire crafting system in the game needs a serious overhaul to get everything working in a consistent manner no matter what exp level a player is at. The inconsistencies are due to changes in ownership of the game (Turbine, then WB, now SSG) and crafting not being that much of a priority.

    I genuinely enjoy crafting in LOTRO, but the lack of consistency in h crafting system depending on the exp level you are crafting for peeves me. With three toons at the level cap, there isn't much crafted gear that is worth the effort. There is crafted armour and jewellery but if you can be patient the available bartered armour and jewellery is better and you can save rare crafting mats needed for the crafted armour and jewellery to make better essences. The only crafting I do at level cap right now is crafted essences, some crafted food and pots and some combat scrolls and a small number of crafted legendary relics.
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