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    "We are not able to discuss any in-game disciplinary issues, particularly specifics regarding an incident. All communication must go through our help channels."

    This is the only "broken record" answer a blue name seems to be able to give, sadly.

    It seems that they can't even consider that their support division may have gone off road on some cases and that people aren't happy with the service they provide.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arian23 View Post
    Can we get a blue name to reply please??

    Its sad how every SSG worker never owns up to their mistakes and say "Sorry, we will take a close look at the issue and make a change"
    They always put the blame on their customers and point them elsewhere (as you can see above). Would be nice if they took the blame for once, would make us customers happier that they are being honest...

    What did I just say cordovan?
    This guy is truly helpless and the support banned him for doing absolutely nothing. Instead of saying "sorry, as a team we will look into this issue"
    You put the blame on him instead, and tell him to contact help again WHICH IS OBVIOUSLY NOT WORKING BECAUSE SUPPORT JUST CLOSES TICKETS AND DOESNT HELP.
    Truly pathetic behavior from an SSG employee yes mhm, I bet he didn't even read what he said.

    And now my Second prediction is that Cordovan will reply to this post and tell me
    "We do not allow critizing of an SSG employee here" and then close the thread or just delete this thread because he cant suck up his own mistakes

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    In case it wasn't obvious to all of you by now, Standing Stone Games doesn't give a single [insert 4 letter word of choice] about you or your concerns. They've banned people arbitrarily with no justification or reasons given for years (this includes under Turbine) and have never once owned up to it. They've also had multiple GM's ban/suspend people at the request of other players because they're friends in real life/on social media. SSG has never and will never care about you or your problems. Also, if you go and read their terms of service, buried deep in there, there is a section that essentially states that your account is the property of SSG and they have the sole discretion to take away your access to it at any time for any reason (including no reason), and they are not obligated to give it back to you because there is no such thing as "wrongful termination" of an account.

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    Bump? or is any blue name around here too scared to say "Sorry for the inconvenience, we will look into this issue"

    also, 2.4k views on this thread. ohh boy


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