Last night at approximately 6:00pm EST my Kinship and I defeated Gortheron T2C ( fourth attempt of the night,we play on Anor server). This had taken us approximately 2 weeks of progression, every other day for about 4 hours each day. If you are curious on how things went or if you just like watching LOTRO raiding here is a video of our Gortheron T2C kill--- Complements of Roxi...viewers discretion is advised

Although defeating the T2C content is our main focus and the primary reason for which we raid, we also like the "loot"(i know, i know, who doesn't). So after defeating Gortheron T2C and only receiving the "Gold Chest - Gortheron" for T2 and not receiving the "Fancy Gold Chest - Gortheron" for T2C, was quite disheartening at a time we had so much hope. If SSG could look into why this is not spawning and correct the wrongs that would be much appreciated.