Hello fellow chicken chasers! I'm from Landroval and you may know me as Gnomes or Him. Especially if you have played Hobnanigans in the past!

A couple years back I used to help Forte run the Hobnanigans tournament by funding it behind the scenes and helping out with anything he needed while it was happening.
I've been thinking that the Hobnanigans fields have been much too quiet and could use some players to really liven the place up. I did host some tournaments after he stopped but it just wasn't the same for me personally.
I have to admit I'd much rather play than watch others play!

That being said for the sake of the sport I'm willing to begin hosting the tournaments again.

So here's the deal:

Server: Landroval
Date: August 3rd, Saturday
Time: 2:00pm Servertime/EST (But try to show up ~30 minutes before hand so I can get the teams set up. I will allow some leeway but I want to try starting as close to 2pm as possible!)
Place: Bree Festival Fields/Hobnanigans fields.
Prizes: A total of 1950g!
  • 1st Place Team: 900g
  • 2nd Place Team: 600g
  • 3rd Place Team: 300g
  • 4th Place Team: 150g
Prizes are total and will be evenly split between the 3 members of the winning teams.

Rules: Pre-made teams of 3 are preferred but I will allow players to make PUGs or use randoms to fill in holes/act as ringers, and is why I ask they show up ~30 minutes early so we can get everything together and sorted out.
We'll be playing on the two small fields, if all goes well. Otherwise 1 field at a time (We can't hog both of them if some people don't want to play in the tournament!)
The tournament is a double elimination, so even if your team loses a match they still have a chance to win.
Apart from that anything within LOTRO gameplay is allowed (This includes but not limited to using chicken/regular pets to confuse opponents, daze/stun-break skills etc), although is frowned upon in most cases.
Good Sportsmanship is king, but at the end of the day it's still a tournament and we're all playing to win!

Anyone from outside the server is welcome to join.
Matching team outfits aren't mandatory but definitely will earn you brownie points!
There will be a house band playing music while we set everything up so it's not totally boring while we wait until 2pm!

From past experiences, with 4 teams it lasted about an hour, with 5 teams the tournament lasted a bit under 2 hours. Usually the largest time waster is being confined to a single field, or having to constantly reset fields due to unknowing
players or griefers grabbing hobnanigans sticks and making the games unbalance (2v3 etc) There is ways to remedy this: having people grab sticks and then exiting to reset the field but it still takes time.

I hope you all enjoy your Summer, and get as much Hobnanigans practice for the end of this weekend and before the tournament starts next month!
If you would like you can get a hold of me in-game by mailing/IM'ing "Him" I'd be glad to clarify anything for you.