Mersday, Forelithe

Mr. Will Whitfoot, Mayor of Michel Delving
Mayor of the Shire, Postmaster and First Shirriff
Town Hole, Michel Delving
The Westfarthing of The Shire

Dear Honorable Mayor Whitfoot,

Everyone is a buzz with excitement about the Summer Festival and all the dancing, drinking, fishing, and even fireworks! By the by, Burdy has been practicing his running so good chance he'll win a lot of races this year. Keep that a secret.

Many of us have been talkin about the rumors of a huge, new theatrical production featurin the adventures a few of our fellow Shirefolk. Word is that once this play starts in the Fall sometime, lots of strangers from distant places might decide to come for a visit to our Lands, (Mostly the Shire cause it is the most beautiful place ever, anywhere, any time. But you already knew that.)

Anyway, we've been askin around and doing some research about who these newcomers might be and we'd like for these visitors to hang around for a long time cause ya can never have too many friends and besides, their spendin will certainly help our economy. Oh come on! Any farmer knows ya gotta make sure there's a steady flow of water into the pond you use to water your crops or ya get nothing to sell.

Some folk may say that these new comers may not stay long if they just wanna explore, enjoy our craftin facilities, play at festivals, and so on. As you already know, I started doin my adventuring just like that over a decade ago when I was already nearly seven decades old and had never done adventuring any place else. Paying to be a VIP the whole time and never went on one of those raid things, never been to that Ettemoors place, but certainly want all that stuff to be the best they can be for those folk that do like em.

Even those hard nosed business bigfolk from the Standin family know none of us will ever get all we want if there aren't the monies to keep things goin. The folk that work to creating our 'dreams' are known to be talented, honest, and devoted to these Lands don't work for free. Not everyone is from a family with the monies of the Baggins, Brandybucks, or Tooks (Gotta respect folk that stay busy as bees with limited resources and often workin in what must feel like a swamp full of alligators while bein cannibalized by gnats. )

Out of all the ideas we came up with here's just one thought. Perhaps you could take some time out of your busy schedule to look into askin those Auction House workers to add a new restriction choice. You know like they have Kinship now. Anyway make one that's for new folk that maybe aren't familiar with all the goings on in our Lands. That way those of us who wanna make them feel welcome, get a head start on crafting and such, could post stuff that they might need at prices they can afford.

To keep this new 'welcome to the lands' restriction from becoming a 'turn over for quick cash', maybe make items purchased in this auction house area bound to the newcomer or members of thier 'household'.

You've got a lot of responsibilities and holiday celebrations to attend to, however, before you ignore this request keep in mind that the next election for your term in office comes up soon. As I recall it’s at the same time as the Free Fair Festival on the White Downs at the Lithe in Midsummer. Just a thought, Old Flourdumpling, I'm sure others have more auggestions to offer.

Yours respectfully,

Pumpkins Fairbairn
Your second cousin twice removed by marriage.