This is becoming more and more of a problem with this game. Every time I try to log into the game, it gets stuck on the loading screen (usually after I've got on to my main server and have selected a character.) I then either get stuck on the loading screen for ages until it loses the connection, or I get fed up and close the window, at which point I have to start the tedious process all over again. Sometimes, even if I do get in to the game proper, I lose the connection, or the game closes without me choosing to close it down. This problem is worse on the weekends and/or during festivals.

Even if I do seem to get lucky and stay logged into the game, I get excessive lag on festivals to such an extent that I can't move the character, or do quests properly because the lag is too much. It's probably an issue with too many people all trying to play the game at once (I noticed that the lag wasn't as bad on the legendary servers because there aren't as many people who have access to it, but as I can't transfer my main characters on to the legendary servers playing exclusively on there is not a solution to this issue.)