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Thread: Insane Gear Gap

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    Its a good thing that we have another way now to obtain craft relics.
    Under the current crafting system acquiring them was such a mess for new chars.
    In WoW, for example, you just need to do the current crafting tier, it doesn't matter if you have completed lvl 10 or lvl 50 crafting before, its just important that you level the current newest tier.
    In Lotro however, critting every single crafting tier until you reach the current maximum is just stupid, in my opinion. It needs way to much time and gold and gets with every update worse.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thorondir View Post
    That's no argument. E.g. LI's always have been a grind, so they should not be changed as well?

    Or even use the same thing for RL related stuff .. thats going to be fun...

    LIs have not always been a grind. At least not for all playstyles. Only for those that aim for perfect equipment.
    Until Mordor, you could ignore the whole LI grind and be like 10-20% behind those that did all grind. Thats certainly good enough to run any content.
    The only reason to do the LI grind before Mordor was wanting to have perfect equipment. It was never necessary to do it.
    Mordor and the following updates changed everything.
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