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    Earning Virtue Alert tweak

    We get an alert when our currently earning virtue reaches its soft cap (half current level) or hard cap (60).

    As I understand it, even if we do not switch the Earning flag to another virtue, further VXP gains will be automatically applied to a different virtue (unless all virtues are at cap, I guess). Since the VXP will be applied to different virtue, why not auto-switch the Earning flag to that virtue as well, and identify in the alert? Instead of the generic "Your earning virtue has reached it's current maximum rank", the alert would read something like "Your Charity virtue has reached its current maximum rank; the earning flag has been moved to Loyalty".

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    If it is only in the alert, though, it is still essentially a hidden mechanic.

    Easy to miss in chat if you complete a deed mid-fight.
    Easy to dismiss or ignore in alerts, especially after you get your first legendary and end up with alert fatigue from all the level-ups.

    I would much rather see more user tools available.

    Let me track my earning virtue, so I can easily see the progress on the UI.
    Let me set my backup virtue so I know where any overflow will go first.

    Given tools to make the new system a bit more transparent and user friendly, I would rather it NOT automatically change my earning virtue to the one that gets overflow because if I level up and have not manually intervened to change it back yet, overflow could hop to yet another one I did not want to level rather than the one I was certain I did.

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    The current overflow mechanic is, order of priority:
    Earning virtue
    Lowest ranked slotted virtue
    Lowest ranked unslotted virtue

    It means, if you do not touch your 'earning', it will spread across your slotted more or less evenly, then across unslotted. If it autoswitches your 'earning', it will keep putting xp only into that till it caps. We can already force that behavior by selecting 'earning'. I would rather keep the 'spread-even' option.

    Of course, the RIGHT way to do it is to have vxp go to a pool, and then apply xp from that pool to virtues as we see fit.



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