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    "What kind of food would you expect at a Beorning feast?"

    An assortment of breads, pastries and cakes baked fresh and pipping hot! Put a slab of butter and a jar of honey on the side and presto! A perfect Beorning feast!

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    Honey caked steaks, with a side of honey caked potatoes and for dessert it would have to be honey glazed stuffed honey pies. Then brush my teeth with Honey Tooth Paste and floss with honey dipped floss Then off to bed with a cup of honey water.

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    WHat foods would be at a beorning feast?

    At a beorning dinner table I would expect mostly vegetables. Foods such as salads, collard greens, and who knows maybe even tofu!

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    I would expect something bearable, but I think a feast with fish, fruits, and honey mead would suffice, even fur the most bearbarian of them - so long they don't embearass themselves with drunkenness afterwards. Can't really trust these bipolar fellas.

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    Obviously a picker-nick basket eh Boo boo?

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    Cheeses and fruits drizzled in honey, with a hearty green salad

    Honey-glazed roasted carrots and other root vegetables, a garlic & honey glazed salmon, a heavy home-baked bread with honey-butter

    For dessert, an apple cyser (a kind of honey mead) with a Shire-style apple pie served with honey-roasted nuts

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    Honey buns slathered with butter and jam of course.
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    Some honey for breakfast, some hobbits and goblins for lunch, and some dwarves for dinner.
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    What would I expect to find to eat at a Beornings's Feast? Why lots of game, roasted goblin legs, lots of berries and porridge of course! (if Goldilocks doesn't get to it first!)
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    One thing that has to be there is honey cake and... maybe roasts?

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    So much food comes to mind, but I am most looking forward to scones with honey.

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    Beorn claws.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OliveYew View Post

    Thanks for reading! Don't forget to reply to this post, we will pick a winner next Thursday afternoon.
    Stewed and Roasted Veggies and honey wine (made with honey, of course)and sweets made of honey! And plenty of fresh clear, pure cold water!
    (definately NO animal meats)

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    Smoked salmon... And steaks made out of the meddling guests who made Grimbeorn angry XD

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    Porridge of course, after all if it was good enough for the three bears and Goldilocks it is good enough for the bears of Middle Earth and their kin.

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    Honeyed berry pie! Yummy!
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    If the banquet starts with mead, the question of food becomes academic.

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    a honey probably, some fish and bread

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    Organic, Non-GMO, whole grain, granola bars with mixed fruit and honey glaze

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    Picinic baskets.

    Probably with a lot of honey-themed meals inside

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    FISH. Lots of fish, especially salmon, maybe nut-crusted with a honey glaze if they're feeling very fancy. Raw is also nice.
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    Lightbulb What kind of food would you expect at a Beorning feast?

    Quote Originally Posted by OliveYew View Post
    ... Thanks for reading! Don't forget to reply to this post, we will pick a winner next Thursday afternoon.
    A proper beorning fest will last all day long:

    • Breakfast: Should start with walnuts pancakes & goat cheese, topped with caramelized wildberries & honeyed coffee with milk to start right the day.
    • Lunch: Will be roasted freshly caught salmon, beside stir-fried sweet taters, topped fragant herbs & honey sauce & a relaxing honeyed tea.
    • Dinner: will be simple honey cakes stuffed with apples & a strongly spiced honey ale to wash it down & keep the body warm during the night.
    • Snacks: A variety of confitted nuts & fruits will be served often as finger food to the guests.

    *Be sure to have plenty honey ale kegs to last during all the fest.
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    If the beornings would be properly roleplaying then some lovely [Carp] and sweet [Drops of Honey] and [ Drops of Fine Clover Honey],
    otherwise some nice POH-TAH-TOES boil'm mash'm stick'm in a stew!

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    Honey cakes!!!! Perfect for Beornings and Hobbits! <3


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