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    Please consider adding Pets and Travel tabs to the Skills Panel

    I think it would be a very helpful, and probably relatively easy to implement, improvement to the game. Mounts already have their own tab, it makes sense to make tabs for Pets and Travel too. By end-game players have a very large number of skills, pets, return locations, etc., etc. to scroll through to find whatever they are looking for. Making the skills panel more organized would be a welcome quality-of-life improvement.

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    Jun 2011
    Yes, please.
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    Currently there are "show all" and "hide all" buttons, but that doesn't solve all of the problem. I can think of cases where putting pets and travels into separate panels would be very convenient. So yes, /signed.

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    And festival skills.
    I hate having to close like 3-4 classifications in order to slap people with silk gloves.

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    Luckily there are plugins that help with the situation a bit. TravelWindow for travel skills; and Horsey is fine for pets, mounts and festival skills.

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    +1 !!!

    I'm getting on my friends nerves since a long time, always complaining about that !
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