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    OD decorations are back ?

    According to the last release nots of Update 24.1.1 "Chests in the Ost Dunhoth Raid, when run at level 65, will have a chance to drop the original level 65 rewards. These items will be fellowship tradeable. All chests in Ost Dunhoth will award personal loot and will have daily locks, allowing 10 completions per day, after which you will not be able to receive rewards. Ost Dunhoth, when run at higher levels, will continue to drop the current scaling rewards, which will also now be Fellowship tradeable. "

    Does that means that decoration of Dark Music box and the 2 trees (huorns) are back? Can anyone confirm that?

    If yes , are they drop at 65 t1 ,2 only?
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    This is exactly what I've been trying to find out, so been running some OD 65 t1 runs, and I can confirm that some old reward DO drop, like the armor tokens, but we've yet to find a potted huorn. I hope the trophies being added back doesn't mean that they're adding them back to challenge chests, as in core servers level 65 challenge chest does not exist. Will try to run more "research" in the matter, and will reply if I get lucky enough to drop one



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