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    Question Pannable camera - but only when looking at your character - for screenshot purposes

    I was thinking about the cam of late and the lack of possibilities we as players have with the camera in third person view as in - we watch ourselves.

    sometimes its just wished for you can do a screenshot but having your char a bit off center or in our case bottom center so i pondered it if woundnt be good .. as we are probably not to have a free movable camera to have at least the cam pannable that way that as close we can zoom in or zoom out we can at least be able to pan the view that way that our char can be put to a max into each of the corenersso it can be bottom left and ight to top left and right and any there in between, and with a button have or cam centered in normal view again. Also a Zoom feature for 1st person view could be quite nice but the former with the panning being a bit more of a wish ### for now you have to use a friend or a secondary char to do such kinda panned shots of yourself.

    and for avoid of panning into hidden areas mayb just limit it to the area you can view from your current position only when your turn around.

    Euro Truck Sim 2 e.g. got a nice "screenshot feature" .. you enter a screenshot mode that freetes your state and you can then move the cam about you for a good angle, adjust certain params like angle, birghtness DoF and tilt the image .. then you take a shot and be back in normale game mode.
    With a cheat you could even move around thre but that would not be needed but the feature is great.
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    I'd like this idea /signed, I know you can move your camera in ESO some, also I want to note certain cosmetic packs on your character in lotro for some reason moves your camera up a bit which i find annoying it does that, I'm sure others notice this?
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