I installed everything on my mac that has High Sierra OS and everything is running perfectly. The first time i entered the game it was set to full screen but it didn't use the full screen of the computer, making everything distorted. I went to options and chose "Full screen/windowed" and it immediately adjusted and is now perfect - no problems with the launcher or the game graphics at all.

HOWEVER, when I went through the exact same steps to install and launch the game in my mac that is running Mojave, I can get into the game, but the graphics are distorted as above in the "full screen" version, and when I try to change the screen option - to either "windowed" or "full screen - windowed" my entire computer freezes and I have to turn it off. Any ideas what the problem may be, and/or any workarounds? I did what Cydrith (SSG person) had suggested and deleted the wineprefix file in Library/Application Support/com.standingstonegames.lotro/common but the problem hasn't gone away.

Thank goodness I didn't update my OS in one of my computers! IMO Mojave is a pain regarding a lot of things - "fixing" problems I never had and making things harder in the process.