The Union of Limbairedhiel

The Union of Limbairedihel is the alliance{Raiding}formed by Limbairedhiel uniting the Sons of Durin's Folk with the other Noldor and Edain and other peoples of Middle-Earth, after the Fall and Pyrrhic Triumph within the Khazad Dum to wage war against the Dark Lord Gorthaur and his minions. Naturally the new threat emerged and we shall either stand together or fall divided. Join us to put an end to foul Gaunt lords and his most powerful servants,the Nazgul.

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The Middle-earth stands on the brink of Destruction. The five dread gaunt lords and massive army of the Dol Goldur is threatenting the lands of Eriador and Rhovanion. The Lieutenant ,Second only to Witch King within his nigh impenetrable fortress and most powerful of the five, Gorthern the Doom caller must be vanquished!


The Union will be divided into two armies in the east and west. The Western Army mainly consisting of men and small regiment of Noldor will draw out the armies of Gaunt lords and then assault the key fortifications and settlements of foul Gaunt Lords. The final assault will take place within Mysterious Enedwaith where critical battle will take place and most perilous one in former Gondorain strongold Ost-Dunhoth.

The eastern Army with the bulk of the Galadhrim and Elves of Eryn Lasgalen sent by King Thranduil to assist his Kindred will play a vital role. The Dwarves of the Ered Mithin will supply both armed forces and forged weapons. Elves of the Northern Mirkwood secretly made their own preparations, Summoned by Lord and Lady a small valiant team managed to penetrate deep into the enemy territory and through courage ,selfless deeds and might of arms the Eastern army has conquered most of the region but there were stopped at outskirts of the horrible former Stronghold of Dark Lord Sauron, the Abhorrent impossibly imposing Mountain of Dark Iron the Dol Guldur which its cheif tower of Barad Guldur in which Lieutenant plots and schemes webs against the Free peoples of Middle-Earth.


Date founded ~ T.A. 3019
Founder ~ Limbairedhiel
Purpose ~ To unite the Free peoples of Middle-Earth. To delay,resist and defeat the Dark Lord Gorthaur and his most powerful servants. Main priority to Conquer the Fortress of Dul Goldur ,Banish the Nazgul and put an end to Lord Gortheron.
Notable members; Remaining Noldor of Beleriand,Gondolin and Hithlum lead by Laeren and Limbairedhiel,Elves of Eryn Lasgalen, Edain of Eriador The combmined forces of Sellswords,Veterans of the Annuminas ,Rangers of the North,Battle Hardened survivors of the Iron-Home, Galadhirm, Dwarves of Erebor,Durin's folk{Dwarves of Khazad-Dum}

Questions and Answers:

Q: What is minimum age requirement?
A: One must be at least 18 years old to join

Q: Do you accept every race and class?
A: I will accept every race except the Halflings since they are least suited for wage war and conflict. I will not accept Beornings as well since they are too primitive for my taste and they are too few of them left to cause any significant impact on the outcome of the war.

Q: What are the short them and long term benefits of joining the Union of Limbairedhiel
A: Expect to have the top quality leadership,support,masterful explanation of each classes, advice regarding gear,In game lore talk and special privileges for dedicated members such are further promotions,rewards and honourable titles depends on your contribution,valiant deeds and effort,assistance and

In a long term I expect to have Kinship Premium Island and to expand kinship furthermore with possible RP introduction,lore quiz and even a Website depending on the interest and population.

Q: Is Union of Limbairedhiel a hardcore raiding kinship?
A: No such thing exist anymore, it ended in ages past. I can divide kinship in multiple sections One for dedicated raiding team, another interested primarily in story and exploration and third group seeking Role-play ,lore and perhaps least active members, Yet to be decided.

Q: Is Union of Limbariedhiel a "strict" kinship?
A : Let me tell you honestly without complicating things furthermore ,forget everything you know ,have heard or think right now as you read my thread. The only realistic way to convince yourself is to try and join, I am not fair with thee? I will follow you until the end and give you 120% of my effort and assistance,but you have to respect the rules and at least contribute to a minimal level.

We are the true warriors , not drama queens, or children nor toy makers. Tis time to put end to long strife ,hate and dispute an finally unite, I am not going to force anyone to join nor I will expect everyone to agree,but since I am the Creator,Founder and Leader I have the right to envision and set my own rules which I will see fitting to the best benefit of all.

Q: What is your official song/ablum
A: Tis the Blind Guardian: Nightfall in Middle-Earth.

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The High Queen's Justice. ~

The Official Kinship Policy By Radiant Star Queen of Calacyira ~

1) Thou must 18 years old in order to join. Tis the minimum age required to join the Union.

2) The Vile Yrch attitude shall not be tolerated Randir{Wanderer}

Also keep in mind I wish the best for everyone. I shall remain utterly loyal and respectful to the man we owe everything and I simply will not accept anything Let us call it: Inappropriate. {Tolkien Legendarium related} Never insult and mock of the man we should be eternally grateful which also applies to his family as well.

3)Thou shalt not abuse,Harass,Stalk or insult your kinship brothers and sisters. Hammer-down shall follow swiftly and efficiently. You shall be eliminated,blocked and eventually reported as well. Depends on the severity of your dishonourable behaviour. I am not responsible for your actions. Tis ultimately your own free will and final decision.

4) Thou shalt not use F words,Spam/ flood Discord chat channel. It is un-acceptable.

5) The Public discussion about War,Religion or Politics is strictly forbidden. I cannot stop you nor I have right to stop thee unless you are the member of our family. There will be first and the only warning followed by eternal banishment from our Lands. Be certain I will not do it personally, Nor I ever did in the past. The rules apply in same force and justice for either Member,Subscriber or Moderator. There are no exceptions. These topics stated are especially devastating and incredibly destructive. They shall never end well for you or particular individual.

Trash talking and public drama immature fights are not allowed despite being unrelated to kinship or our members. It proves one's attitude. If you wish to deal with someone or something, do in it private or contact GM/Send a ticket.

Thou shalt not attempt to Hack,threaten,post Real life information or Trash/bash talk other discord players/viewers.

7) Thou shalt not Scam.

If you wish to discuss and complain or perhaps have an issue with me personally do send me a private message and I cannot guarantee the reply. I personally have ZERO tolerance to racism,death threats,severe harassment or treachery.

Thou shalt not Complain about the rules written above for they are permanent and ever firmly they shall remain so. They will not be changed,modified nor removed. Thou hereby acknowledge and agree on the High Queen's law.

Regarding You-Tube channel: If you wish to explore. Do Private message me, Thank you kindly. You have the right to post and advertise your official Twitch , You-Tube channel or Twitter page.

The Enormous compendium of The Countless Tales fashioned with Ultimate burning passion. For the honour of J.R.R. Tolkien and his son C.Tolkien.

Fashioned with Ultimate Passion.

Only the most valiant and the most steadfast can hope to stand triumphant against such a terror, Do you have what it takes,Randir? Enyalien Veleriande!

Utúlie’n aurë! Aiya Eldalië The day has come! Behold, people of the Eldar
` ar Atanatári, utúlië’n aurë! and Fathers of Men, the day has come!

. Auta i lómë! The night is passing!