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    A Problem with Crafted Relics

    My Level 55 hobbits Alphred Troute and Hedgerow Shrewburrow are in Moria at the moment with a levelling group called Club Eclair.

    They have legendary items.

    They have crafted relics for their legendary items. One of them had a relic that used to produce +50 morale and a relic that produced +10 Will.

    Which isn't much, I know.

    However, when I checked my legendary items after the most recent update I noted that the relic that once produced +50 morale now produces +4 morale, and the one that produced +10 Will now produces +1 Will.

    And while the original crafted relics were pathetically weak given other changes that have taken place, I think that the new values are . . . well . . . hopefully rather unintended.

    I would hope.
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    Aye, with the last patch, values of those crafted relics have dropped their values , as you mentioned as an example +50 Morale to +10, and +10 Will to +1 Will etc.
    Haven't had the opportunity to check other crafted relic tiers but I hope the same is not the case.

    I hope something gets done here soon.

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    I have noticed the same thing. Please advise SSG if this is intentional or a bug.... Thx

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    I just crafted some +10 Might relics for a guard just starting in Moria and they were all +1... Of little or no use and a waste of time to craft. I do hope this was an unintended bug.
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