I just noticed that these did not level up all that well, along with the other two bow chants that no one ever uses.

Exper tier is where they were introduced at -500 Ranged Skill Damage Mitigation Modifier
Artisan tier = -700 Ranged Skill Damage Mitigation Modifier
Master tier = -900 mits
Supreme tier = -1100 mits for lvl 55 and -1300 mits for lvl 65
Westfold tier = -1500 mits
Eastemnet tier = -1700 mits
Westemnet tier = -1900 mits
Anorien = -2000 mits
Doomfold = -2300 mits
Ironfold = -2400 mits

I would like to point it out there that Doomfold parchment can be collected much easier than Ironfold parchment and no one will ever notice the 100 mitigation loss.
I never used chants while leveling up but I couldn't help but notice how they scaled horribly with mob defences.

The bigger blunder is the -480 evade/block bow chants and on Ironfold tier.