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    Can't login into account...Probably got stolen X(

    Yesterday I logged into my account as per usual, entered brandywine server, and decided to play with my beorning (Deruvid). I immediately saw an announcement bid bold red letters that mentioned a special anniversary event and a free 3000 LP by accessesing (MALICIOUS URL REMOVED). So me being a Premium account without any active subscription decided what the heck free LP and logged through the site only to get a failed message after every try. Finally I decided to quit trying and start playing again, but could no longer access my account. I tried all possible combinations of username and password to no avail. Went through the SSG account management site, entered my username and waited for the password reset email to come but it never came. Probably the account got stolen, the registered email got changed along with the password. Now I have no clue what to do, my hard work is probably being stolen or deleted, and the money I paid for the quad pack and LP is wasted. I submitted a ticket request yesterday and still no answer. I've heard said tickets don't get answered for days or more probably weeks. Please, any help would be great!
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    If you still have any payment method associated with it, like PayPal, you should disconnect it with LOTRO.

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    I saw the same thing on Arkenstone, in chat. There were no big bold letters just a player name and [GM] in red after it. Said something along the lines of "for the 10th anniversary blah blah blah 3000 LP blah blah go here." If you play this game regularly then you know GM's always have + after their name. Another red flag would be this game just celebrated it's 12th anniversary. You are correct when you say your account was probably stolen. I'm sorry this has happened to you, but next time don't be so quick to jump, I can guarantee other players were responding with "reported" afterwards. Good Luck to you.

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    Thanx for the responses and you guys are right, I should have been more careful. Now the question is if a customer support team member will ever see this thread in order to help me. After seeing other threads and no response for months I can only hope they eventually see this. Either way, thank you guys for your responses.

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    Players always need to be watchful when playing video games in general about attempts to compromise their game account through the kind of method described above. If you need assistance to resolve this issue, you will need to get in touch with Account Support here: https://help.standingstonegames.com/...s/requests/new
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