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    Anvil Damage Values

    When you altered the Mirkwood values this patch, you also altered the anvil. Please fix post haste :

    The Worm Illusion scored a hit with Frost Breath on Shards for 270,223 Frost damage to Morale.

    The Elder Frost-drake scored a hit with Massive Breath on Faellathlyn for 305,398 Frost damage to Morale

    The Worm Illusion scored a hit with Frost Breath on Eluvan for 206,897 Frost damage to Morale.

    All hits with frost lore, double disable and addle.
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    I confirm this.
    We've tried to do first boss T3 and we took insane damage... more than 2.5 time the usual damage.

    Guys please, test your patch.

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    can confirm, on t3 elder drake hit for 500k with full debuffs (except champ) and beorning sacrifice.

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    T2 is also catastrophic



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