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    Monster play characters demanding changes to out of the moors mechanics is a very bad idea. Please fix.

    Creeps and moors should just be either COMPLETELY reworked or deleted, as it is, it is 100% unhealthy emotional drama filled place for very select few people. It just does not work / fit into current state of the game, at all.

    Two paths:

    #1. Delete the whole monster play.

    #2. Update monster play to be available to non VIP accounts.
    -Make area and monster play classes available through LP just like Warden, RK, Beorning.

    -Open all landscape for all monster play classes. Keeping City landscapes and other "safe areas" (where there are quest or guard NPC of any Freep type present) Monster play characters free. Something like all the guards could have an insta kill on all creeps they see, anywhere.

    -Make PvP on all Freeps and Creeps a toggle option. If it is not on: you can not fight them.

    Option Number two would give a HUGE (it is 6!!) number of classes to the game. Would open up landscape to the existing players that play on that side and make them happy? (if it is possible).

    As a result the game could suddenly have 16 classes in place of 10 plus unknown to most PvMp.

    Why I am posting this here?
    I play Burglar class. I have never really gone to Moors even though I run VIP most of the time.

    People that run Monster play characters all the time come into Burglar subforums and demand nerf to Burglar class.
    - I am very unhappy with this personally because i ever came to moors to use the practice dummy.

    It is however clear to me that Monster play is EXTREMELY narrow very gimped affair in a tiny area.

    Monster play characters should be a more or less mainstream characters as i describe before. With obvious limitations, obviously. (They should never want or stand at the South gate of Bree town) Also PvP option of the game should be a toggle on/off and if you meet one in the landscape, you should still be able to go on with your epic quest.

    With Best regards,
    -Looking for resolution to this long standing clearly a problem, for some that influence the rest of the game in a negative way.

    Bottom line:

    Monster characters should either be in or out. This is not right or wrong, just my opinion.

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    Roaming - AFK - Roaming - AFK - Roaming .... (A common creep life)

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    Boring stuff
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