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    Am I the only one who believes the new Mac client sucks?

    hi there,
    I was wondering if there's anyone else out there in the Mac universe who has to deal with the same difficulties that appear with the new client:

    – I cannot keep the Launcher in the dock, but need to start from the LOTRO app which forces me to click through several dialogues and downloads before the actual launcher window appears. Is there a way to take a shortcut?
    – My computer is now full of unnecessary .exe & windows stuff, also the paths are windowslike and not changeable by simply re-shifting the data in another folder. Has anyone at SSG tested this programm on a Mac before publishing?
    – The user interface design and typo is ugly as hell!
    – The launcher will start downloading the splash-screens (what are they good for anyway?) mostly on second try. So I have to click through the same launch-dialogues again ...
    – It takes at least a minute before the app will start after clicking the app icon

    do you encouter the same? should I reinstall the game? will SSG improve that?


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    So, I was in a similar boat as you.... When I switched to the Wine version after a few days I got a message my hard drive was almost full and there was like 65GB of Lotro stuff all over my hard drive... I uninstalled it all thinking that would help and reinstalled it, and now it won't even install back... I"m paying so, I figure giving it a few days to see if anyone comes up with anything, but, if nothing by the end of the week I'm probably going to bail. Sucks too as I just returned after a long break and it was really fun to play again. Sigh... good luck!

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    well, I will try some of this. Could be useful :

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    Unhappy I hate wine

    The new Wine luncher is ####

    I own an older 2011 iMac with only 512 MB Video ram

    LOTRO runs with the old Luncher perfectly on High setting with no lags.

    With the new luncher the game is only on LOW playable and even then sometimes it is lagging in fights with more then 2 NPC.

    Im very angry about that fact.

    If I had an wish.. I would wish me a new MAC xD




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