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Thread: More morale?

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    More morale?

    Is it possible to somehow (maybe through level 115 or 120 crafted relics) enhance warsteed morale?
    They can now be 1-shotted by landscape mobs of this level, making regular horses or goats a better bet.
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    I complained about this went Mordor came out, after having my warsteed shot out from underneath me countless times, usually after only one hit.

    I don't see why this shouldn't be something that is a basic feature of all warsteeds however. Just up their percentage of morale for each class of steed. Heck I would prefer to see ALL warsteed skills scaled up so that they remain relevant. It makes me sad that I work on my warsteed, fall in love with it, and then have to abandon it as soon as I leave Gondor.

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    Well, adjusting morale and skill values would be the way to go, but when you look how long it takes the devs to fix the skills of the player classes, I don't see this ever coming.

    For the time being, there is a workaround. Reset your War Steed trait tree, choose Medium Steed, and allocate points. The skill you definetely want is "Sacrifice" in the blue tree. It gives you a War Steed toggle skill of the same name that creates a shield which reroutes all damage to your toons morale pool. Since your mount has 2k morale and you should have 80+k, a few stray shots won't dismount you, only deplete your morale bar a bit.

    (If you see someone riding along with three blue shields swirling around his steed, he/she has Sacrifice toggled on.)



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