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Thread: if Lotro was..

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    if Lotro was..

    I was travelling through to Atlanta in the spring, and was totally floored how the mountains looked like the back drop for Rivendell , which got me thinking if Lotro was in America, what would be the places most like representing it. so i came up with,

    Lone Lands = Minnesota
    Bree = somewhere in Pennsylvani
    Shire = Vermont? maybe
    Enedwait/Eregion = Nebraska
    Gondor = Florida or California
    Rohan = Oklahoma
    easy one Forochel = Alaska
    Angmar = Utah not sure why, thinking of the mountains and passes
    and of course that Lake in the middle
    Evendim = upstate New York mountain

    Well feel free to share your thoughts or laugh or think I am total nut , Ha .

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    There aren't enough lakes in the Lonelands for it to be Minnesota. I'd have to say Evendim or the Dale-Lands for Minnesota, as it doesn't look that dead and miserable XD.

    -from a Minnesota resident.
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