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Thread: Looking for kin

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    Looking for kin

    I returned to Anor after not playing the game for years, this time going with a Hobbit minstrel as a main. Now he is at 60 and I'd like to join a kin (I left a very casual one recently) that has people regularly running instances, so I can get a lot better at running heals in endgame content. I'm basically looking for some guidance there, having only been in a handful of pickup groups at various levels so far with this toon. My first alt is probably going to be a guardian.

    About me:
    - 37 years old, male
    - US-East, with a day job, so my hours are typically 18:00-22:00 for gaming during the week, less availability on the weekends
    - Pretty laid-back, but I like to learn quickly, and I like to play well
    - No problem getting on VoIP
    - Love LotR lore
    - Favorite MMO of all time is EQ (up to PoP anyway)
    - Favorite game of all time is Chrono Trigger

    What I like in kins/guilds:
    - Run by mature and patient people
    - Not forcing people into any particular content
    - Willing to take time to help younger/unleveled members

    You can find me in-game as Bifo, my Hobbit minstrel.

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    Jan 2013
    Copenhagen, Denmark
    If you're looking for a nice, casual and social kin at 60, I can recommend Council of the North.
    If you're more ambitious, Mirage is going for Server Firsts in Siege of Mirkwood.
    Aerilia Autumnborn
    Guardian, Lore-Master, Deeding Enthusiast
    Return to 5 Brookbank, Whinshot, Shire Homesteads on Anor if lost



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