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    Virtue Reset Action to Realign Virtues After U24 Virtue Update

    I would like to suggest a one-time virtue reset due to the many changes in virtue stats from U24.
    I feel that a virtue reset is warranted. There were many changes to the virtue system after U24 with regards to the virtue stats. Many of the stat changes are quite nice, however, some of the ones you may have had slotted pre-U24, are now undesirable to your character's build plan. I would not want to see the time spent leveling now undesirable virtues go to waste. Could we please have a feature that allows us to reset the virtue panel so we can redistribute the points we've built up before U24?
    This could be a one-time, upon character log-in action, maybe even add a store item. Trait trees can be reset, and are sometimes reset for us after an update, then points are redistributed. Legendary items can be reset by the player, and points redistributed. These are both able to be done over and over. I am not suggesting that the virtue panel operate the same. A one time "do over" feature after U24 would be awesome.
    Thank you.

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    1000% agree with this. I now have leveled virtues that are basically worthless for my character
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    Those who are satisfied with the system should be able to keep it as it is.
    Those who are not satisfied with the system should be able to refund the virtue experience and place them where they want them.
    We also need to have mitigation passive buffs since we have mastery and morale passives.

    Overall, I am satisfied because I now see virtues being a thing now.
    I never used them since the Moria heydays 11 years ago.

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    Ok, while I would definitely prefer a system where you get incoming vxp in a pool and can allocate as desired, the "reset" you are asking for might come at a heavy price. If you look at another going virtue thread, here is a bit of math: Most high level pre-existing characters who had most of their virtues above 20, got their new virtues above 50. If you add up the cost to get those virtues that far, that value actually significantly exceeds the vxp from completing that number of deeds. In other words, preexisting characters with well levelled virtues got a huge vxp bonus.
    So what would happen with reset? Are we gonna get a pool of xp equal to getting our current virtues to their present levels? Or the sum of vxp from our completed deeds? If it is the latter, you might find that while yeah, you can get your 5 selects to 60, there will be not much left for passives.
    As it stands now, older chars got a huge vxp bonus at a cost of not being able to distribute. You should be able to top off your 5 selects quite easily, and enjoy close to max passives.



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