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    T4-5 Attack at Dawn

    Just did the Attack at Dawn Skirmish at tier 5 solo and noticed that the mark bonus was the same as the tier 1 bonus (100%) compared to tier 3's bonus (126%). The mobs inside the instance felt like t3 as well. Is this broken or working as intended?
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    I have done certain testing it seems the Morale pool is significantly larger As well the attack power and -67% slow debuff which works only on Regular server. I did Attack at Dawn on Landroval Tier V on my Guardian. There was mini red eye present, on Ithil there was none to be found.

    As for Currency gain. It is the same. No extra loot, marks or medalions.

    Tier III Morale Signature 15,000 Average

    Tier V Morale Signature 23,000+

    Tier V monsters do more damage and their Mitigations and resistances are higher as well. They are enchanted in every way with greater critical defence, hits,finesse rating and power.

    Lightning hit was around 1250 normal. I did not had maxed out tactical, can go up for at least 1000.

    Common hit from normal foes 400- 500+ on Tier V, Tier III is below 300 to 360+ with 60% Physical mitigation.

    Here are the several images:

    Tier V Damage&HP ~

    Tier III Damage&HP ~

    Tier V Solo again 1491 damage even with Redirect absorb.

    I have discovered a buff , 200% morale. It seems it goes randomly. The warg had it , Scion of Sauron.

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    That answers part of my question then. Mainly I was wondering if t5 is even mean't to be live yet seeing that AaD is the only skirmish/instance that you can do this on

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    I forgot to include the new Purple ring of the foes when one creates Tier V raid {12} size Skirmish. Nearly every foe is empowered by special buff and they have enormous amounts of HP.

    Ithil server: Attack at Dawn Tier V, 12.

    There is also Rage damage buff and even 200% morale increase one.

    Tier V Is not a walk in the park ,Raid sized. 13,000 Devastated hit on nearly 60% critical defence and 55% tactical mit.

    You do little damage, It should be interesting to try it out with a raid when Mirkwood launches ~

    A test of damage with multiple foes

    Ttactical hits can go over 5000+ Mighty hits. Devastated on heavies over 11,000 at least even with full mits,65% + critical defence and tome of defence.

    Nemesis add did 13,000 Devastated on em

    Staunch Ongbruz over 10,000 Non devastated damage.
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