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    Thumbs up How to identify if you are running the client in 64 or 32bits

    As we all know the current version of the launcher is broken and the options button do not reflect the status they are in.

    The launcher default settings (in v24) is to boot the client in 32bits mode.

    Knowing this and using Activity monitor, we can actually verify what mode we are running. Please see the images at https://imgur.com/a/0IHIBNu

    • Open the launcher, then options and click (only once) on the 64bits option.
    • Login and launch the client
    • Press CMD-Tab to move out of the client
    • Open Activity monitor and filter for "wine"
    • Make sure the "kind" column is visible

    If you are running in 32 bit mode you will have one -or two- preloader listed as 32 bits.
    If you are running in 64 bit mode, all the preloaders will be listed running in 64 bits.
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    Thanks for doing this! It will help Mac users understand which client they're running.
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    Thanks, very helpful!
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    Quote Originally Posted by amosconi View Post
    If you are running in 32 bit mode you will have one -or two- preloader listed as 32 bits.
    If you are running in 64 bit mode, all the preloaders will be listed running in 64 bits.
    I had a suspicion that this was the case, yet from what you're saying here it seems I am running the 32 bit-client only.
    I have several wine-related processes running, but one of 'em's 32-bit - the others are all 64-bit.
    What's also strange is that now I have two clients running, apparently, where there was only one before...
    I'm not sure this is all working properly yet, but for what it's worth I was forced to upgrade my OS to Mojave 10.14.5 recently, and this mid-2014 15" MBP can run whichever LOTRO client I'm actually running without too many hiccups. Just wish it was all a bit more solid, that's all.

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    I thought I'd add a bit more info, since I've gone digging around for it now, and this is what I've found.

    I was not able to conclusively find out if the client I was running was 32- or 64-bit. There is a documented bug with the new client, whereby in the launcher the radio buttons to select one of the three available clients can be selected, but they don't display anything in their respective radio buttons, in fact making you think they CAN'T be selected. This is how I switched from the 32- to the 64-bit client in the first place - I selected the option, and upon confirmation the launcher did its thing, then the new client ran & it was obviously a new client - the intro movie played again, the game settings were changed, etc.

    I think part of the reason why it's hard to figure this out is the obvious: this is a Windows game, running in Mac inside a Wine shell. Not being an expert, this makes the point kind of moot whether it's 32- or 64-bit since it's all being emulated inside a virtual machine of sorts.

    That being said, I can tell pretty clearly when I am running the 64-bit client now: when alt-tabbing away from the game, the "app switcher" menu says "wine64-preloader" or something similar. The 32-bit clients simply say "wine-preloader".

    Besides this, the 64-bit client is definitely more stable for me. The other ones tend to stick, freeze and occasionally crash outright. Performance is perhaps marginally better on the 64-bit client but, again, the bigger issue here is stability, and of course the fact that most 32-bit software is being sunsetted anyway.
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