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    Random crashes getting worse and more frequent

    OK, the game is now getting close to unplayable on Mac. Some crashes now occur within a few minutes of launch, and some of them lock up not just the Wine launcher, but everything else. They continue to happen at random moments, usually just wandering about on the map, rather than at crucial points like zone changes.

    If SSG want Mac owners to continue using their product, they HAVE to do something about this problem.

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    Random Crashes on MAC

    I'm with you. One thing I noticed is that about 60% of time, if I try and alt-tab to switch to a diff app on the mac, it lock up. Not only the game, but my whole computer! I have to pull the plug to get past it.

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    Haven't yet had the whole system lock up like some of you, but I've had two "freeze ups" where the client just stops doing anything at all.

    These freezes are not like those with the native version that I had, which were server-related (where the client wasn't getting data from the server but you could still move your character etc). These freezes are where the whole client just locks up and won't do anything. The only option is to Force Quit both Wine and Lotro.

    I haven't spent that much time in game since the switchover (maybe 4 hours over numerous logins) to have any freeze-ups, but I've had two already. I'm not doing anything taxing, just hanging out with a young alt while I try to adapt to the new keys. One freeze up was in Shire Homesteads, one in Frogmoors in The Shire. No other player characters were around in either case.

    For what it's worth, I never experienced a single freeze up with the native client. Memory leaks, yes, where I'd start experiencing graphic issues indicating that a restart was in order. But I could do that when it was convenient, not right in the middle of whatever where everyone in the group would be affected.

    I have no clue what additional information would be helpful in tracking down these freezes, but happy to provide whatever will help resolve this.



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