For those who need it, here is more information on our recently-released Wine client for MacOS, which is our client moving forward for MacOS users:

We've moved over to our wine-based client. To install, grab the latest installer from

Installation Instructions:
- Download dmg file
- Open dmg file, and drag `lotroclient` to `Applications`
- Close the dmg
- Navigate to `Applications` and rightclick `lotroclient`, then press "Open"
* If asked additionally about opening this application, press "Open" on the dialog
- Give it time to get started during the first run. It will download some things it needs in the background
- When prompted to install various components, proceed and allow their installation
- Follow prompts provided by the installer once it opens

- The `lotroclient` application _will_ take a while to start for the first time. Do not close it while it is bouncing on the dock.
- The shortcut and desktop files placed on the desktop can be safely removed. They are not needed on Mac.
- The game will process all keyboard actions as if using windows.

Known Issues:
- Some launcher functionality is not working, such as browsing logs or screenshots
- Screenshots will come out black with the 32bit client

All other issues should be reported to the team. We will continue to work on improving this client.

Additionally, you can read the FAQ released a while back for this change here.