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    "Strike Skills Power Cost" Imbued Legacy Scaling Issue

    Pretty simple issue that appears to be a bug with the Champion imbued Rune legacy "Strike Skills Power Cost" where it appears to scale up to 33.2% cost reduction at legacy rank 79 as you're using Scrolls of Empowerment on it, but never actually passes 25% cost reduction.

    While I'm aware that the legacy says under "Final Tier (79):" that the maximum possible rank yields 25% cost reduction the "Next Tier (x):" preview as you go up as well as the current tier preview when using an empowerment scroll both claim that the legacy surpasses 25%, scaling the same way as the Devastating Strike Damage and Merciful Strike Damage legacies.

    I tested by checking my power costs with and without my rune equipped and it does indeed only reduce it by 25% (29% total reduction with the -4% above the line cost reduction on my rune) as shown below:
    Ferocious Strikes (no rune): 376 power cost
    Ferocious Strikes (rune equipped): 267 power cost
    267 / 376 = 0.7101 = ~29% cost reduction (25% legacy + 4% base above the line)

    Just thought I'd point this out since I burned about 20 unnecessary Anfalas Scrolls of Empowerment in my moors rune hoping to be able to use my combos better while under the effects of Latent Poison.
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