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    Uncancellable Quest: Legendary Angmar

    I have this quest (the Legendary Angmar wrapper-quest) in my q-log and it is, well, *uncancellable*!! [Yes. it is a word, autocorrect...] I was a bit late to the show for Angmar, so it still lingers. Meanwhile, the Legendary Moria wrapper quest DOES expire if not completed in time (the reset day for which I haven't quite figured-out: Thursday or Sunday or something.) So I'm puzzled as to why Legendary Angmar won't go away -- even the festival quests that come with the warning *This quest is uncancellable* have an expiriation date.

    I have no intention of ever completing Legendary Angmar either, because: 1) No one else [ok: few] bothers doing the quests/instances listed for me to be able to finish this wrapper and clear it from my log because we've moved on to Legendary Moria. 2) The rewards for these Legendary-server wrappers are *meh* anyway -- I'm not all that concerned when Leg Moria expires... [But if I'm gunna do the instances/raids/etc anyway might-as-well get something for it if it's there.] 3) I admit my heart has hardened against Leg Ang now.

    It's a bad idea for ANY quest to be permanently permanent: can't be cancelled, won't expire.

    My plea to SSG: Please re-code *Legendary Angmar* wrapper to expire and/or be cancellable.

    Thanx, EE

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    It used to expire weekly. I wonder if something with the Moria release bugged it. I've had it stuck in one characters log for months now.



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