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    Exclamation Issue with Mac keybinds on new Wine client

    Hello all,

    I've had issues the past two BR builds with keybinds on Mac that don't transfer over to the wine client. The most annoying of these is the "personal lamp", which adds brightness around your character and makes it easier to see in dark spaces (i.e. caves or the E&G tavern, for instance). On the old client, I have it set to being fn + F10 (fn meaning "function", and the Mac equivalent of "F10" on Windows). I tried resetting it to be this keybind on the new wine client, but it's not available in the in-game keybind window. So, I went to the "lotro.keymap" text file, and pasted my old lotro.keymap assignments into the new client's file. All of them transferred except for the personal lamp. I'm convinced that the issue is related to how Wine goes about emulating a Windows environment, which messes up the input recognition of some keys.

    In any case, I would greatly appreciate if someone from SSG could take a look at this and perhaps add a "personal lamp" keybind option directly into the in-game options panel for keybind assignments. That way I could assign personal lamp to be whatever keys I'd like and it'd be recognized.

    Also, if other Mac users have discovered any issues with the new Wine client and keybinds, feel free to contribute them here.

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    Thank you!

    Thanks for the tip about the keymap file! Saved me loads of time, during which countless orcs and trolls would have wreaked havoc on Middle-earth.
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