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    Is Yellow+ Blue a suitable build for champions?


    Before level 60, I only used 2h red line but it was quite slow and ineffective for me to solo. Then, I try dual wielding yellow line and I feel more confident and faster to deal with high level mobs on landscape and instances. Now I get enough 7 class traits on yellow line so I want to invest in the other lines. From the trait tree, it seems Blue line is AoE with some Power and mitigation support, too. Besides, I often run out of power in long fights. Here is my current trait tree at level 65:

    I wonder if it is a suitable combination or I should use Red with Yellow until I reach level cap? Currently, with the demanding work for scrolls, I only plan to have 1 LI weapon after level 100.

    Thanks in advance.
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    You can experiment with trees till you figure out build that suits your playstyle.However all builds have some key foundations.First do not use points in might in yellow and finesse and max out your battle frenzy so it has 10 sec CD.And work from there.For landscape and some instance solo killing spree is your friend.Killing spree is a bit deep if you want to have it in yellow so till you get more trait points if you have trouble with surviving aggresive exhange/horn of champs might work.

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    Fastest way later is yellow Red with ferocious and controlled burn.
    Ut as said experiment for solo what fits best.

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    Yellow-red is best for landscape while the mobs die in 2 or 3 swings, but yellow-blue might work well for instances due to the higher trash and boss morale pools reducing the effectiveness of Killing Spree, and the substantial boss damage debuffs that blue blade-wall and horn skills offer.
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    What I play is a variant of what the OP posted. I say variant because at 120 I have 85 points, and therefor more traits. The build is quite viable, AOE DPS if a fantastic thing in many scenarios, however it will take some adjustment in how you play. Basically, your must play with a "kill before I'm killed mentality" when soloing. When grouping you also want a single target DPS built to swap between. At 120 with good gear and nearly maxed legendarily, I'm a male-storm of death in this build.

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    1 point in second wind and only 1 point in vitality gives you that power restore for longer fights with only minor loss of Vit. First point in vit is the biggest bang for the buck. Ardent rage having 4 points is key to having the fervour to kill quickly. At minimum take the 4 points from useless primary stat might to fill ardent rage. IMHO, crit chance increase is far more useful than +% on wild attack when filling in the first line of red.

    Like other opinions here after base yellow skills I start on the red tree as it has way more beneficial talents than blue. 1 point in second wind and 1 point in vit are all that is valuable until you have close to the max points. +5% crit and -10% attack duration and ferocious are all low on the red tree.



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