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    Exclamation Urge for SSG to give us the training dummies!!!

    I understand that imprementation of the content isn't really easy job but this is something that exists on BR and it is possible to implement to Live servers as well.

    Raiders need training dummies to practice and why wouldn't they have them at home? We need a training dummy that will scale with level, that we can post in our back yard and that wont reset for at least 1 minute. Testing dps became very tricky business as we don't have training dummies in end-game areas and many boss fights are dps based.

    Please take this in serious consideration as I would be willing to pay at least 1-1.5k LP for its purchase.

    Another thing that we need is a special scroll that will allow withdrawing of all scrolls and crystals implemented to an LI. This would be useful in case that weapon itself needs to be changed because of main stats that are very useful for certain classes. Now, I know that there will be comments that LI revamp is coming, but spare your breath and fingers as we don't know when will it happen.

    I believe that I speak in the name of all raiders, both older and new players, that we need these things, especially training dummy.

    I hope it is possible to get a feedback on this.

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    I love the idea of a training dummy housing item.
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    +1 been asked for many times now
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    The latest training dummy was out when Dol Amroth was endgame... that seems like eons ago since we are at Ered Mithrin now and at level 120.
    Even for simple class skill deeds, a level 120 cannot gain any progress off of a grey training dummy. They have to fight level 113 mobs in order to progress.
    It seems like there are far too many things on SSG's plate that they are forgetting to add newer training dummies, LI titles, settings, gems, etc.



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