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    Returning after a few year break

    How are guardians doing at the moment? I have heard tanks (as usual) are in demand but was wanting to know dps viability. When I played last my guardian was top AoE in my raiding guild but now I have been hearing that it is primarily used for overland leveling.
    What is the current going for guardian dps?

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    The recent revamp really boosted the dps of yellow and red guardians so they are quite reasonable on landscape. Not quite up to champ but fun and quick enough going through mobs. I like yellow for the extra survivability as red has only a few advantages anymore and yellow has a lot.

    Problem was that I had to create a new 2h as 1h sword and board is just to low dps. That was a lot of starlits and SoEs. The shield doesn’t do much in red/yellow compared to the big dps boost of the 2h. Kept the 1h/shield just in case I had to tank somewhere.

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    Guardian is far from the shining beacon of melee dps in raids as it stands right now, which may or may not be a bad thing depending on how you play, but from what I can tell, the guardian community is decently pleased with the state the class is in right now.

    -If you want to moors you can really mess with creeps running yellow line and messing with your slows/attack duration debuffs and your marks
    -If you want to raid then guard is the go to tank class, you never bring 2 of them really to tank but almost always have 1 for all hardcore raiding, the state of tanks is not all that bad right now, the raids could go to be nicer to warden tanks but guard right now can mesh with a bear or cappy tank really well
    -Want to solo then they do just fine land scape dps. My guardian has a casual, 0 empowerment, imbued 2h/belt and has never had issues on landscape at all, you cant pull 20 mobs and be perfectly fine like you could back at 95-105 but the kill rate and survivability are good. Obviously not the fastest landscapers, but thats what we get for being *the* tank class.

    Long story short, they wont dps raids seriously but can tank it damn well and I still hear guards are having fun messing with creeps in the moors.
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