There is a bug now on live server, tested on Anor, dont test it on normal server.
Sometimes, additional debuff from "Take to heart" - "Marked by Light" (Flash of the Light proc debuff) disappear from the current target and you cant reapply it with another "Take to Heart" usage.
It happens when "Insult to Injury" (first passive in Yellow tree) proc and try to renew PERMAMENT debuffs "Take to Heart" and "Marked of the Light".
What is the point of that renewal i dont know, obvious its another bug, permanent debuff don't need renewal.
So, for now, just avoid completely this passive when playing in yellow spec.

Another bug, aoe flash of light available with zero point in yellow tree, just need to choose spec.
From patch notes perspective - already fixed in u24.

ps dont want nerf to my class, but its obvious, Flash of Light damage is enormous and need some slight tuning