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    Failing to update

    Hi there

    Anyone else receiving the message:

    "PatchClientDLL::CheckDatF iles Failed. [Unable to decrypt and de-serialize the data download from the server.]"

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    yes , 3 days now.nothing works.is from ssg the problem.
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    Well thought it was fixed. Got up this morning and it appeared to install, no error messages. So started the game up and get "201 error, no game dat files". So I follow the troubleshooting steps up to uninstalling everything and reinstalling, but now back to the error with the hash code for the patch file. At this point will just have to open a ticket. On my laptop I have installed through Steam and after flushing the DNS I can now log in with no issues on that. Might try to install through steam on my desktop to see what happens.

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    there was an error generating a hash code for a patch file

    there was a fix put out for this at

    but even after uninstalling and reinstalling as per the file provided I'm still getting the same issues.

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    Warmer but no LOTRO love yet

    Now after setting my router to cloudflare's open DNS settings, and in case anyone missed it. The error I have when attempting to log in is post password entry when I click on any server and click login. Modal Window Indicates
    Game Error [202]
    RED X Can't find the local data file 'English', [202]
    with only an OK button as an option

    Note the German version is working fine but my German is not so fine anymore.

    This post/info resolved my 202 error today.

    "Originally Posted by Nosdracir View Post
    You don't need another computer to fix this problem. You just need to make the LOTRO launcher download a fresh version of a corrupted file.

    In your main LOTRO folder ( ...\Turbine\The Lord of the Rings Online ) look for the file client_local_English.dat. This file should be about 800 MB in size. If is small, then simply delete it and then start LOTRO from the icon. The launcher will load a new copy of the file."

    My client_local_English.dat file was 1K in size, not 800MB. I deleted that 1K file and let the patcher do it's magic.
    I'm in and operational.
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    I haven't played for a couple of weeks but decided to play today.
    Ran launcher.
    Patch downloaded awesomium, got a request to allow it to change the file, said OK, and game crashed immediately.
    Ran launcher as an administrator, it downloads the file, and I get a "error generating hash code."
    Tried almost everything that has been mentioned in assorted places.
    Changed DNS to cloudflare, ran through a VPN, even tried changing the original file name to *.ori.
    Tried running Lotrolive.
    Nothing worked.

    Is the patcher completely borked?

    Will a fresh install work? Some have said no and others have said yes.

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    I'm having this issue for a few days now

    What's going on with LOTRO the last few days? I can't complete the updates. Tried on two separate machines in two separate locations so I know it's not a machine issue. Updates stuck in a loop, forward iterations failing etc etc. Not the same file(s) either. One of the machines is running Win7Pro64, and the other Win10Pro64.

    After spending a whole day testing out the hardware, I haven't found anything wrong physically. Memtest'ed 32GB RAM, HDD Regen'd/Bad Sector tested my 500GB SSD and 2 x 1TB HDD's, and even restored my C image from the previous backup with an older image to see if that would upgrade from there.

    Sadly no, the same problem.

    I've also tried downloading a new version of LOTROLIVE.EXE to begin a fresh install into the Standing Stone Games folder rather than the Turbine folder but it has not helped.

    I've reinstalled C++ 2005 and 2010, disabled AV and Firewall etc etc.

    I've reached the end of my tether! I need some assistance please!!

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    Still having issues...

    Today at work I've tried installing a fresh copy of LOTRO on a new computer that's never had LOTRO installed on it before.

    I downloaded the latest LOTROLIVE.EXE from LOTRO.COM website and began the installation.

    I'm getting the same issue! It installs the C++ 2005 and 2010 and then proceeds to download files, but it gets stuck on the first 343mb file called 'client_cell_1.dat', it's stuck in a loop. Downloads, goes to do whatever it does, then repeats.

    I've given the launcher full admin rights and also removed the READ ONLY tick on the StandingStoneGames folder.

    This machine is an i5 with 7Pro64. My main PC at home is an i7 with 7Pro64, and another machine at work is an i7 10Pro64. It's not machine related and it doesn't seem to be OS related. What is going on?

    Can I shift my account to Steam possibly and try and download it from there, as some have suggested. How do I go about that? I don't to have to buy the game again!

    I'm at my witts end guys! Have been able to play, install or do anything the last update. I need urgent assistance.

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    install the C++ 2005 and 2010 before installing is my suggestion

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    Hey guys,
    After several days of trying everything as per my previous posts, I finally have a working copy of LOTRO on both my home and work PC's.

    The ONLY fix that worked for me was to manually go modify the DNS Server settings in my modem/routers setup. Primary DNS was set to and Secondary DNS was set to

    No idea why this would make any difference but it did. The client was successfully able to download and apply the patches and move on to the next one rather that looping the same patch over and over.

    The good news is that it doesn't seem to affect anything else as far as browsing or other downloads so I might just leave it set that way for now.

    I really appreciate all the hints and tips that everyone has suggested and a big thanks to the Aranthorn for his suggestion earlier in this thread.

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    I have been gone from the game awaile trying to come back have done all on this thread including 4 attempt at clean install still getting same error, "There was an errorgenerating a hash code for the patch file." How do you fix this / Any other ideas? folks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deathdealer464 View Post
    I have been gone from the game awaile trying to come back have done all on this thread including 4 attempt at clean install still getting same error, "There was an errorgenerating a hash code for the patch file." How do you fix this / Any other ideas? folks.
    Try the DNS change that Redact mentioned. I had a very similar problem and the DNS change fixed the problem.

    In my case I changed the DNS settings on my PC instead of on my modem. Once the client was running properly I changed the DNS settings back to normal and so far everything is OK.
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    Same deal today, just came back from a few weeks off.

    The game updates, then gives that error when going to the next point. Flashes it several times then goes back to redownloading the update again.
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