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    Quote Originally Posted by Coruven View Post
    I made a video of running around with the 64 bit client, so you can see the lag issues I am having.

    Information on my PC is in the notes of the video. I'll copy them here:
    This is me, riding around in various areas of Middle Earth using the 64 bit client on Bullroarer.
    My system is an 8 core 3.6 Mhz machine with 16 GB RAM and a 6 gig NVidia 1060 display adapter.
    I am running with the game's optimized settings, per the game client.


    The game looks great, but the hitching and lag is terrible. I did not have any significant lag on the first preview build.
    Thank You for the link. Watching it via TV now.

    I also had time to test the 64-bit client this round and run into several issues with sound, some mods etc. Not had time to write a detailed bug report yet, but will do. I also had alot of freezing and lag in certain places. Sometiems even worse than with 32-bit. Total freezes fro like 5-10 seconds with 64-bit in same locations I would just lag and warp a bit with 32-bit.

    Edit: Just finished watching Your video. Very nice video and I can see that You tested in MT, same as me and had similar experiences. I also tested in The Wastes as there have always been a few places riding across the open area where it lags alot and then You kind fo warp forward when on a war-steed. Most likely related to assets loading in various areas as You come to certain spots. In wastes is was pretty much same running 64-bit as on live with 32-bit. However I was alone. In a Raid all mounted chasing Roving Threats it might have been worse. No way to test that on BR as it was pretty empty. In MT I had a worse experince with 64-bit than I have on live with 32-bit, which I found really weird. Anyway I will make a more detailed bug report on it and even wrote down coordinates where it happens etc, so devs might be able to test it. As a side note I liked Your outfit on Your Warden.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruflus View Post
    A minor point: launcher options do not show as being selected under Windows classic theme (they do under Aero)
    Quote Originally Posted by Formengil View Post
    Interesting, so this is not just a problem with Wine.
    Oh, this is very interesting.

    Is there a way to change themes on Wine? I did some web searching, and the answer seems to be yes, but I haven't found a guide.
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    Re my game freezes with sound resetting.
    Problem was my headset with 3.5mm plug.


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