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    A Guide to playing on the Legendary server.

    By Becky, Guardian of Anor

    This is something I've been wanting to do for a while, as I enjoy helping others get the most out of the game. Please post anything you can think of in the replies and i will try to update it.

    Legendary Items.
    Ok to start with LI's are a great buff for your character giving some great legacies to boost your damage, healing, survival and CC abilities while playing. Often classes will need a different LI depending on the build they're using i.e red guard vs yellow guard.
    Once you have found the correct LI's you want to use level them up to 30. Every 10 lvl's you will get to add another legacy to your weapon. Once you have 6 legacies you can then look at what you want to change on your item. To change a legacy you must lvl a weapon thats within 5 lvl's of the item you're changing to lvl 30 to be able to remove 1 legacy from the item. These are made up of Major and Minor legacies so be careful to replace minor with minor only if you can. Else you might find yourself stuck.
    Once you have all your legacies where you want them finish lvl'ing the weapon to lvl 60 and pop to the legendary trader at a skirmish camp to buy a scroll of delving to open up lvl 60-70 on your weapon. Every 10 lvl's you will get yo upgrade a legacy which is why I prefer to get the right legacies on my item at lvl 30, then i'm not upgrading legacies i'm going to replace.
    You also want to use 3 starlit crystals on each item to increase its ability, either dps or the bonus it gives. These are not worth using on a hunters melee weapon as you will rarely use a melee skill and these can be rare/expensive on the auction house.
    There's also an item called a Crystal of Rememberance you can use to add a 7th major legacy slot. I find these not to be neccassary at these lvl's for most classes as you wont have enough points to use until lvl 100 when weapons are able to be imbued. And can be expensive from the store or super rare as a drop.
    Make sure you look at the available relics you can make for your weapons by combining/ reforging them at a relic master. These can add a crazy amount of stats to your weapon/item.
    The most important thing for your LI in raids is a damage type scroll. Beleriand is the best to use but others work. The last bosses in DN are immune to common damage so its a must. Beleriand can be obtained via either Midnight Raid in Echad Dunnan or for leaves/branches in Lothlorien.
    Once you have all your weapons sorted slot weapons to lvl up to deconstruct for iXP ready for your future weapons or alts weapons. And also lvl 60 LI's will give you the legacies you can save for lvl 65 LI's to save the time later.

    Gearing your character.

    Remember there is no one build of gear for everyone to use. People all play differently and some are more relaxed than others. However there is best in slot items for each slot and these will help when raiding or instancing.
    As a dps class you should aim for 200% mastery of your damage type, and 25% crit chance (25% crit and 200% mastery is before any trait % bonuses that take you past cap). This can be reached with a big enough morale pool to be fine in raids. However when raiding undergeared anything less than 10k morale is risky to be one shotted in some instances and raids.
    As a healer outgoing healing caps at 80% for blue mini/Beorning and 90% on a blue RK. Once these are capped aim to cap crit and then plently of morale.
    As a tank you should concertrate on Morale and mitigations. At the moment mitigations are not really needed to tank anything available but certainly needed for T2-T3 Raids and instances. But getting 20k+ morale and decent mitigations is doable on most tank classes.
    Also a large boost especially at this stage in the game are virtues. You get alot of mitigations/morale from these and they cap at lvl 12 at the moment.
    Remember everyone is here to enjoy the game so be helpful and give advice if people ask for it.

    Planning for the Future.
    This is meant for players who are planning to take their characters all the way to the end game.
    I have played at end game for several years and understand the huge grind needed for Starlit crystals for your legendary weapons. Once you hit lvl 100 and can imbue your LI's they then lvl with you, so you never replace them. However instead of the 3 crystals needed now you will find yourself needing roughly 25-30 crystals per item. I have managed to store 25 starlit crystals so far on my guardian by doing festivals and getting them ready. This is not a must but it will aid you at high lvl's.

    Building your community.

    This is by far one of the most important parts of playing an MMO and makes playing nicer for everyone.
    So when you see that lvl 10 trying to quest in the area you're deeding/questing in ask them if they want to team up. Or just simply assist them. Don't run in at lvl 60 and one shot every mob leaving the low lvl's or other people waiting for repawns. This is a game originally designed around people grouping and helping each other.
    Give advice to people asking in world chat and remember not everyone has the experience you have in this game or sometimes MMO's in general. Lotro can being in a wide range of age, genders and races. But we're all here to enjoy ourselves.
    I personally have all my crafts maxxed and often make people gear for their low lvl characters, Imagine the smile on their face when they open the mail with armour and weapons in for them to use. Keeping a good supply of crafted gear on the Auction house will also bring nice competition and lower prices eventually for fresh lvl 60's to be able to buy without bankrupting them.

    If you can think of anything I've missed please reply and I will add items as we go along
    Many Thanks Becky
    Guardian of Anor

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    Quote Originally Posted by Becksy87 View Post
    But we're all here to enjoy ourselves.
    Thanks Becky.

    You are right, that we all here to have fun.
    I am (very) often annoyed by Hunters.
    On the other Side there are no Common Class guides for them.
    There are many Special things, but something like an easy rotation is missed (,or hidden).

    I wrote a Class Guide for Captains in German. The Mechanics are still the same, but the values changed. In Addition it becomes very long.
    Too long for Casuals, or Toon Number X Players.
    Too many Details, that Captains love, but some other not even understand.
    I work on a shorter Guide atm with the goal around 2 pages without Pics and in english, that would be something, that someone could read in a short moment and get not the feeling about ready a technical manual.

    You wrote today, that you have next to your Guardian a lot of other Toons between 50-60.
    I would like it, if you are able to write something for a Hunter.
    Here i see the greatest necessity for the highest playergroup on all Server.
    That i would like.

    I plan to do the same with the Captains Guide.

    In Addition i would like that you highlighting the Damagetype in your Post.
    And i would add the very easy way to get the Damagetyp of Guardian of the Deep Halls title (Ancient Dwarf) in the The Training Hall Quest at Dolven View next to the stable.
    It is very easy to get in less as 5min, even when the Raid starts to clear the anteroom of the Trolls at DN.

    Becky, get well soon!



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