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    Burglar approaching Moria level

    All I've done with my Burglar until now is class quests and crafting. She's approaching Moria at this point and with all the changes, I'm wondering if this is a good time to play her for a while, maybe all the way to Rohan or more if it's fun. Surprisingly quiet on here about the changes, what did people think about them?

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    It is rather quiet in here considering that Burglars just received a DPS increase and several nice updates to their skills.

    I haven't had a chance to tinker yet. Hoping that Blue Line tweaks are as good as they sound. I like the idea of a HoT you can trigger other than Mischievous Glee in Yellow in the form of a Gamble cash in. That in addition to the healing you receive from dodging should help survivability. Doesn't look as if Red line is receiving any new healing though which has always been a bit of a problem.
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    I play red line burg. I'm not impressed with the update. At level 33 I'm still standing around being hit by the mob I'm fighting waiting for my skill cool downs so I can hit the mob again.
    The red line opening skill relies too much on criting, and if the rng God doesn't like you, well you are out of luck. Oh, and I have equipt any kind of crit chance item I can find. Still doesn't help much.
    I have much respect for Vastin, but I think he's too focused on the higher levels and raiding.



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