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    Character can't be placed in the game world

    I was on my hunter on Ithil, and began to ride from Esteldin to Angmar for some deeding. The load screen came up and the load bar wouldn't fill. I waited several minutes and figured I had somehow lost connection, so I CTRL+ALT+DEL-ed to close the game with the task manager. When i returned to the game after a few minutes wait I connected, but now all my characters start to enter the game but then return to the toon select screen, and I get a message saying "the character can't be placed in the game world, contact Tech Support." Since I can't contact tech support in game, I'm trying to do so here.

    Is there a problem with Ithil that more waiting might solve?

    Is there some other problem I may be having? (I've had to close the game many times from Windows Task Manager before with no problems.)

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    Just got the same issue - can't login with any of my toons.

    BTW you may create a ticket here - https://help.standingstonegames.com/...s/requests/new

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    Thanks Milen, I'll use that if I can't connect shortly.

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    We are restarting Ithil, which should correct this issue.
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